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Welcome to the Fluid Controls Institute. FCI has a venerable tradition of more than 80 years of service to the fluid control and conditioning industry. Focused on technical issues, the institute provides standards and educational materials to assist purchasers and users in understanding and using fluid control and conditioning equipment.

FCI is an ANSI accredited standards developer. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) serves as the coordinator for the development of voluntary standards known as American National Standards. ANSI has adopted model procedures for demonstrating consensus of those directly and materially affected by standards. FCI seeks volunteers in the interest categories as described below to participate in the review of FCI standards through the FCI ANSI canvass process. A full list of FCI standards can be viewed on the FCI website.

Interest categories:

Producer: Those who are predominantly involved with the production (manufacturing goods) of products, materials, or services. This category typically includes manufacturers, trade associations (groups representing manufacturers directly associated with the manufacture of the products covered by the candidate standard), etc.

User: Those who are predominantly interested in the use of the product, materials, or services. This category usually includes consumers, customers of product producers, regulatory agencies, safety associations, certifications agencies, distributors, retailers, etc.

General Interest: Those who are not associated with production, distribution, direct use, or regulation of products, materials, or services. This category typically includes professional and lay people employed by academic and scientific institutions, experts, government agencies not used in a regulatory capacity, insurance companies, utilities, test laboratories, etc.

If you are interested in participating in the FCI ANSI canvass process, please advise the FCI office via email at fci@fluidcontrolsinstitute.org. Include your name, company, address and interest category.


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